Old stuff and old stories

Saturday was beautiful.  We decided to visit an antique mall and then do some riding after lunch.  First, the antiques.

Maybe I can make a birdhouse like this some day

I also found a 1939 map of southwest Missouri.  Of course, Springfield was much smaller then.  Also, please note that Glenstone ended at the National Cemetery.  The road turned left onto Seminole and then right onto Lone Pine and proceeded south to Ozark through the community of Galloway.  The old fish hatchery at Sequiota Park used to be a state park.  As a young boy, I remember using that road to go south to Branson for a day trip.  Highway 60 going southwest out of Springfield is in the shape of a stair-step.  That is another good story.  I could look at old maps and talk with people who used them all day….

Greene, Dade and Lawrence counties before I-44

While searching the antiques, Jan found a mirror and other treasures that will be revealed to their new owners at Christmas!!

After lunch, we decided to ride to Juanita’s home and turn over the remains of the ham[bone] from our Thanksgiving meal.  The wind was a bit brisk, but we warmed up without any trouble.

... the obligatory two-shadows picture...

While crossing the MLK bridge, I noticed that the city had spread chat during the recent ‘ice event’.  All cyclists must now suffer for quite a while because of this action.  I may have to pick another route home.

Chat along the bike lane of MLK bridge....

I realize that some of the following comments will have no meaning for those who know nothing of Springfield, Missouri, or have no connection with it.  Nevertheless.  Some ramblings (nostalgic, in this case).  Central Bible College (formerly Central Bible Institute) is where my parents met and fell in love and got married.  These three events led to three boys; Rick, ME, and Randall.  Rick was born while my folks lived in a house that used to be located where the two trees are on the right side of the following picture.  Another house was next to it.  To this second house, Rick and I came the night our brother Randall was born.  I remember coming there that night.  Some years later, I was the ring bearer for one of the daughters from that home.  The two homes are now gone.  In their place is the CBC Chapel.

Central Bible College

We finally got to Juanita’s home and had a good visit.  She was delighted with the ham bone, bemoaning the fact that I had still not developed a taste for ham and beans.  My feelings toward this dish follows this line:  I do not say that I would never eat them, but that I prefer not to eat them.  So much for ham and beans.

Juanita and Jan discuss my lack of culinary taste...

On the way home we passed the old Federow Iron and Metal Company on east Trafficway.  I went to school with the owners’ youngest son (more history!).

I do not know what the legal notices posted on the grass say.  I had better find out.

After all this activity I found time to relax with the back yard fire pit while Jan fixed stuffed pumpkin for dinner.

This is how Two Feet relaxes on a cool fall day..

Stay happy,




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A perspective on life and cycling in the Ozarks. I started serious cycling in 2008, after seeing my wife be on the bike for a few years. We have biked many places and hope to continue. I am no where near being a real good cyclist, but I have fun trying to improve. Who am I kidding? Me? Improve??
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2 Responses to Old stuff and old stories

  1. R1 says:

    Re the old map, how could you ignore the Springfield connection with the historic old Route 66??? Is this perhaps due to some ham-and-bean deficiency in your diet???

  2. rlhoover says:

    Yes, I thought of mentioning the good Route 66, but not doing so was certainly not due to any deficiencies when it comes to diet. Look, just be glad you got mentioned….

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