My First Day

Today, I have a Guest Blogger, our son, Sam.

This week, my wife, Jan, and I went to Colorado Springs with Sam and his dear family in order to help them move into their new home.  Sam recently got a job at Focus On The Family and moved from Kittredge, Colorado to the Springs.

In the days to come, I will give an account with pictures of this past week.  But for now, I will let Sam give his own report:


First things: A Confession – I am the son of this blog’s author.  I have been highly motivated by his cycling endeavors and I couldn’t be prouder of the physical care he is giving himself by cycling.  Inspired by his tales, I purchased my first road bike, a Giant Defy from Sunshine Bike Shop in Springfield, transported it cross-country to Colorado with the hopes of someday catching up to my Pops.  With that in mind…

Thursday was my first day to ride my bicycle to work.  And I don’t know if it’s possible but I probably broke every major rule found in the cyclist manifesto.

Here is a list of possible infractions:

1. I rode without corrective lenses.
2. I rode heading east into the sunrise without sunglasses.
3. I rolled through a stop sign because I didn’t see it.
4. I rolled through a stop sign even though I did see it.
5. And another.
6. And another.
7. And then the traffic lights.
8. Lights plural.
9. On a busy street.
10. In the middle of the road.
11. While twirling my helmet around my arm.
12. I rode on the sidewalk.
13. I forced a pedestrian off the sidewalk.
14. I forced a running/exercising pedestrian off the sidewalk.
15. I forced a running/exercising pedestrian and his dog off the sidewalk.
16. I rode in the wrong lane of traffic.
17. I rode in the wrong lane of traffic coming to a turn.
18. It was a right turn.
19. I don’t even know how that last one is possible.

I’m fully aware of the grievous errors I committed on my first commute.  And I’m painfully aware of the bad light that it shines on cyclists across the country who are straining to polish the bad name commuters like myself give them.  I’m also still fighting my conscience (which sounds suspiciously similar to my parents) imploring me to “Be safe!”

But after taking all of this into consideration, I have one thing to say:


It was amazing!  Such a great mix of emotions from primal fear from cars passing too close to elation as I made a 2-mile climb with God’s favorite mountain towing me in.

I cannot wait for tomorrow to do it again!

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2 Responses to My First Day

  1. Uncle Deacon says:

    As the uncle of the scoff-law nephew filing his report here and as a Deacon in the Episcopal Church, I offer this handy confession from the Book of Common Prayer that Sam (and all others in need) can tattoo on the back of the hand for prompt availability:

    Almighty God, our heavenly Father:
    We have sinned again you, through our own fault, in thought, and word, and deed, and in what we have left undone.
    But if You aren’t terminally mad at me just yet, please don’t let the cars kill me. Amen.

    Okay, I kind of added that last part. It doesn’t have the ring of Thomas Cranmer to it but might still be on the nose.

    The Deacon Uncle

  2. Sam Hoover says:

    Love it. Gonna use it. Everyday.

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