Colorado Springs, Part One


As mentioned in the previous post, our son, Sam, bought a Giant Defy from Sunshine Bike Shop here in Springfield so that he could commute to work from his home in Colorado Springs.  One of the fellows at Sunshine, Dave, talked with him for quite a while and helped him find a good fit in Sam’s price range.  Sam already had gloves, but needed a new helmet, pump and other essentials.  Jan and I were able to pack the new bike in our car for the trip to Colorado Springs [hereafter, referred to as just ‘the Springs’ …. I must be consistent with now local residents].

Dave and Sam working out details and questions. Thanks, Dave!

This trip to the shop came after getting the truck loaded.  Sam and Katie also took Sam’s old mountain bike, Evie’s bicycle, and Max’s trike.  And so, we were all packed and ready.

Off we go

We connected with Sam at Collins, Missouri, on Sunday morning, the 1st of May.  I followed him most of the way, while Jan rode with him, having a good time with her son.

Heading north on Hwy 13 out of Collins

We followed Hwy 13 up to Clinton, crossing over Truman Lake a few times.  I once more took note of the wide shoulder that was on this newly constructed section of road.

A full lake from recent rains

At Clinton, we got a glimpse of the KATY Trail State Park.  One day, I plan on riding to Bolivar using the Frisco Highline Trail.  From there, I can take Hwy 13 north to Clinton and on to the KATY Trail to St. Louis.  Just dreamin’….

An old caboose finally come to rest.

Traffic was not heavy at all and we soon entered Kansas on I-435.

Many people think the path through Kansas is boring.  I am not one of them.  I see land that was fought over before and during the Civil War, and the endless prairie somehow gives me some kind of hope for our country.

These windmills look to the future.  I thought them elegant in their perpetual turnings.

On the road to Colorado, it was not a surprise to see other cars with various cycles loaded on them, all going west.  I talked with one fellow that I saw at a gas station in Limon who had a Specialized mountain bike on his rack.  He was looking forward to the various dirt trails around Denver.

Jan left Sam to join me in the car when we stopped at Colby, Kansas.  Soon after, we crossed into Colorado.

At Limon, Colorado, we turned off of I-70 and headed southwest on Hwy 24.  Jan agreed to drive the rest of the way to the Springs and I elected to join Sam in the truck for this final segment.  The terrain had changed since eastern Kansas from long rolling hills to mainly flat cattle country.

I saw the remains of a railroad bed that the highway followed.  This bed was made into a trail at Falcon for the remaining miles into the Springs.  Sam thought this section particularly boring.  For my part, I enjoyed the wide vistas, herds of cattle, and occasional small groups of deer.

I had taken a couple of Jet-Alert pills and had not had any trouble on the trip.  The long drive through Kansas had indeed been long, but not terribly so.

Driving the final miles to a new home.

We arrived at the Springs just before sunset.  The ‘outdoors’ culture of the area was plainly evident with many, many trails and plenty of Share the Road signs.

We got to Sam’s new home, a third-floor condo.  After unloading a few things, Sam decided to call it a day, get some rest, and finish the next day.  He was glad to be home.

Stay happy,


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A perspective on life and cycling in the Ozarks. I started serious cycling in 2008, after seeing my wife be on the bike for a few years. We have biked many places and hope to continue. I am no where near being a real good cyclist, but I have fun trying to improve. Who am I kidding? Me? Improve??
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3 Responses to Colorado Springs, Part One

  1. Great read, but those wide open spaces say one word to me…head wind!

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