Mother’s Day Excursion

Sunday afternoon, my wife, Jan, and our daughter, Sarah, took in ArtsFest.  This is an annual arts festival that was held Saturday and Sunday.  On Friday, I had gone on a trip to the bank and saw some pavilions being set up in preparation for the event.

Tents going up

I can remember only attending ArtsFest one time.  Sarah enjoys it, if it is not raining that is.  It is held on Historic Walnut St. in downtown Springfield every May.

This year with the good weather, I heard that the crowds were plentiful.  With lots of things to see, hear, and buy, there was no reason not to attend.

Although I did not attend ArtsFest, let it not be thought that I do not enjoy or appreciate art.  As evidence of this confession, I offer some artwork created by our granddaughter, Evie, from last week.

The next installment of Painted Toes

This helps me Stay Happy,




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A perspective on life and cycling in the Ozarks. I started serious cycling in 2008, after seeing my wife be on the bike for a few years. We have biked many places and hope to continue. I am no where near being a real good cyclist, but I have fun trying to improve. Who am I kidding? Me? Improve??
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