Colorado Springs, Part Two

Upon our arrival at the Springs on the evening of May, 1, Sam said that he hoped the weather on Monday would be good enough for us to enjoy the full effect of seeing Pike’s Peak with clear skies.  It was not to be.  A cool front had brought in some clouds and they hung around through the next day.  In addition we had intermittent snow.  This was a bit of a delight for me although my wife was freezing to death.  But the flakes did not keep us from our appointed tasks.

Unloading the truck one box at a time, or should I say one bundle of bamboo at a time...

We finally got everything out with the help of Jeremy, a friend of Katie’s from Branson who was now in the Springs.  He and Sam were able to get the couch into the condo with about ½” to spare through the front door.  It was more awkward than heavy.  A tip o’ the hat and and hearty thanks to the J-Man!

The effect of a now empty truck.

Katie and the children flew into Denver that afternoon and arrived that their new home while we were returning the rental truck.  Jan and I realized that we would do better at a hotel for the night, so after helping to get the children to bed [always a grandparents’ delight], we left Sam, Katie, and their family to their first night in their new home.

The next morning, we awoke to this sight.

A major reason for living in the Springs

I think I will just sit a while and look at this photo.

People like different things on this planet Earth.  Beaches and sand.  Big cities with lots of things to do.  Open roads and travel.  Mountains.

That’s me.  Mountains.

We spent Tuesday with Katie, Max, and Evie while Sam went back to work.  We went north to the Kittredge and Morrison area west of Denver.  Sam and Katie had stayed in Kittredge the last few months with her sister and family while on the job search.  Max and Evie remembered the park and its adjacent stream [cold!] at Kittredge as an old friend.

After a short visit with Julie, Katie’s sister, we had lunch at the Blue Cow Eatery in Morrison after a drive through the Red Rocks area.  Jan remembered being in this area a number of years ago with some other ladies at Bear Creek Canyon [or something like that]. As we drove through she remarked that the area and rock formations looked so familiar. She then recalled the time and event with a variety of memories.  One of the ladies [not Jan] had become ill from the altitude and no one listened to what a nurse in the group suggested be done to help her.  But everything ended up all right and now here she happened to be back in the same place with me, our grandchildren, and daughter-in-law. 

Morrison, Colorado

Next to the Eatery was Red Rocks Cyclery.  We thought about getting a store jersey from there, but will have to build it into the budget for the next trip!

On Wednesday, we took the children to a local park while Katie set herself to the task of turning the condo into a home.  We found a park north of where they live and had it all to ourselves except for a couple of folks that walked through it on the trail that laced its way all over the city.

Evie is now able to start and do the ‘big-girl’ swings by herself.  Max enjoys the ‘big-boy’ swings for about 30 seconds and then he wants “Down!”  He loves the slides and climbing everything he can find.

We also were able to visit Sam at his new job at Focus On The Family.  I think he is some sort of Media Specialist [look, I was born under Harry Truman, so what do I know of these things?].

Sam at work, knowing what he is supposed to do

Sam’s new home is located on a major east/west street and one of the events that Jan and I enjoyed was the sighting of local wild animals that have made their home in the Springs.  These deer are accustomed to the traffic and bustle of cars.  They eat the grass on the median of a four-lane avenue and here they have dinner next to the condo parking lot.

OK, so it wouldn't turn and give me a better view!!

Wednesday was our last day with the family.  Time passes no matter what we think; we started back home Thursday morning.  The trip was long and mostly uneventful.  I got my last glimpse of Pikes Peak as we were passing through Genoa, Co.  I soon learned not to look back anymore because now it was just a good memory.  That could probably preach.  We stopped in Russell, Kansas, to have lunch with some friends and around Abilene, we drove into rain that continued for about three hours until we reached Harrisonville, Mo.  Friday we resumed our lives in Springfield.

I took at least two thoughts away from this trip [that may preach also]. 

  • Even if you cannot see the mountain, you know it is there
  • Even a long trip that is sometimes boring will come to an end and bring you to a destination

Stay happy,


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A perspective on life and cycling in the Ozarks. I started serious cycling in 2008, after seeing my wife be on the bike for a few years. We have biked many places and hope to continue. I am no where near being a real good cyclist, but I have fun trying to improve. Who am I kidding? Me? Improve??
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