Quiet Day

Jan and I had a wonderful Christmas weekend with our children and their family.

Good food and wrapping paper were everywhere.

Sam got a new chapeau and I joined him for a Commemorative Photo.

Yes, we are breaking Rule #22, but since there is no real Enforcement Agency we understand the Rules to be more like Guidelines.

The children got some good toys and much love.  Evie carried her Cinderella Polly Pocket everywhere and Max continually went back to his wooden train set and car race tower.

Last night, Sam and family went to spend the rest of the vacation with Katie’s parents, Nancy and Dwight.  These good people had stopped by Christmas Eve evening for a visit and enjoyed the luminaries.

This morning I got up, checked the radar and Jan and I decided that I had better ride while I could before the rain/sleet moved in.

Tracy Wilkins had mentioned this sound wall a few days ago.  It does cut down on highway noise somewhat, but it gives me a closed-in feeling.

I noticed some rain off to the east, just a part of the overall conditions passing through the area.

The view out toward Strafford

North on Eastgate and west on a largely deserted Chestnut Expressway.  The legal holiday presented me with empty roads all to myself.  A paradise?  I had a strange feeling riding the urban streets of Springfield almost all alone.  I thought of the Black Plague of medieval Europe where a quarter to a third of the population died.  Cheery thoughts on the holiday!

An empty Chestnut Expressway

When I turned south, I noticed the rain approaching and decided to head home.

Maybe one of these days I will turn into an all weather rider, but that will have to await warmer temps.  Which means I will probably not turn into an all weather rider….

Stay happy,



Afternoon addition:  Jan and I went over to Sarah’s home for a couple of things and I can now report that the street traffic is now back to normal (sigh).


About rlhoover

A perspective on life and cycling in the Ozarks. I started serious cycling in 2008, after seeing my wife be on the bike for a few years. We have biked many places and hope to continue. I am no where near being a real good cyclist, but I have fun trying to improve. Who am I kidding? Me? Improve??
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2 Responses to Quiet Day

  1. Steve says:

    Surely, Rule #22 is suspended during that brief period when one tries on a brand new hat? Otherwise, we’d have people buying/giving hats of completely the wrong size and this fact would not be discovered until the recipients were about to hop on their bikes! In short, I believe you should have no fear of Velominiti retribution.

    • rlhoover says:

      Your interpretation of Rule #22 will stand the test of time. Thousands of riders wearing the wrong sized cap would cause untold havoc.

      Consider yourself my Cycling Solicitor from now on!

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