Some weather forecaster said something about La Niña and that overall temperatures will be 5° above normal on the average for quite a while.

If that is true, then these crocus have a great chance to survive,

and cardinals will have no problem finding food.

Jan and I took a quick spin through town on Saturday.

Out to see what we can see

We had originally planned on going over to Nathaniel Greene Park, but due to a chill breeze, La Niña notwithstanding, we just went to Phelps Grove Park and then north through the MSU campus.

Only the evergeen gives a hint of what is to come

These medieval reenactors meet every weekend to enjoy their mock battles.

One of the fellows watched as I took their pic, but we pedaled away before a combined assault could be formed....

Jan loves this sign and we look forward to how the flower bed will look once the season gets going.

We didn’t ride on Sunday, but watched Tony Bennett sing duets with others.

Monday’s commute brought such fair winds that I rode in shirtsleeves!

A two for one shot. I had not noticed the cyclist in the background.

While crossing the MLK Bridge, this train greeted me with a loud and long horn blast.

This short line of cars headed out southeast through town and I could hear him along the way as I was heading home.  I was able to see it again later on by the Kraft processing plant.

More horn blasts

Listening to this behemoth across town brought a smile because as I had ridden by Central High School, a student had greeted me with, “Hey, Pee Wee!”

Ha!  although I am not flattered by the association, I do have my own adventures.

Stay happy,


About rlhoover

A perspective on life and cycling in the Ozarks. I started serious cycling in 2008, after seeing my wife be on the bike for a few years. We have biked many places and hope to continue. I am no where near being a real good cyclist, but I have fun trying to improve. Who am I kidding? Me? Improve??
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8 Responses to “Hey!….”

  1. Bill Lambert says:

    For what it’s worth, I’ll bet that kid was in diapers when Pee Wee was famous!

  2. I had a Junior High heckler last summer. “Hey look!” He shouted to his buddies as I rode past. “It’s Neil Armstrong!” I couldn’t resist stopping to inform him of his ignorance. “Neil Armstrong was an astronaut, kid. Lance Armstrong is the cyclist. But points for knowing the name of an astronaut.” His buddies just laughed and he said something else I can’t print here. Don’t kids’ parents teach them manners anymore?

    • rlhoover says:

      In answer to the query, No. The child’s [and I use that term purposefully] may have learned his vocabulary from his own family, sad to say.

      You provide a good teachable moment for me, Miles. I need to remember that I am a representative of the cycling community that carries with it the responsibility to act as an adult. This does not exclude taking the opportunity to do any teaching that the public might need, and we all know that they sometimes need it.

  3. You know, I got yelled at by Central the other day. I couldn’t understand what they said at the time, but now that you mention it, they might have yelled the same thing at me……

    • rlhoover says:

      Heavens! What would they yell if we rode by together. If the day ever comes, we need to be doing 25 mph and one of us a foot off the back wheel of the other. Are you in???

  4. Steve Thompson says:

    Hey Pee Wee ???……Oh I see, Pee Wee Hoover.

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