Saint Paul in one of his letters makes the observation that we should give honor to whom it is due.  I feel my good readers will allow me to do just that.

My dad, Mario Hoover, passed away the evening of September 20.  He and Mom were at home when he walked into Heaven.  In the hallway his last step on earth was followed by his first step in Glory.  It was that quick and painless.

The family gathered in Lakeland, Florida, for the service last Tuesday.  For those who are interested, an obituary may be read here.

Mom is doing well and will stay at their home for the foreseeable future.

Legacy is something people think about at times like these.  What I see as my dad’s legacy to me had an effect early in my life.  Dad put me in a life situation where I was able to hear the quiet voice of God for myself.  That made all the difference.

Dad and my younger brother, Randy, in 2011

Stay happy,


About rlhoover

A perspective on life and cycling in the Ozarks. I started serious cycling in 2008, after seeing my wife be on the bike for a few years. We have biked many places and hope to continue. I am no where near being a real good cyclist, but I have fun trying to improve. Who am I kidding? Me? Improve??
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8 Responses to Honor

  1. I’m sorry about your loss, Ron. He sure lived a good, long life, that looks like it was a full one as well. That’s as much as any of us can ask.

    • rlhoover says:

      Thanks, Gerry. I have often thought of the choice he made to move to the United States from his home country (sound familiar?) and how much inner courage that took. I owe him a lot.

  2. Steve A says:

    Peace be on you and yours.

  3. tootlepedal says:

    A sad time. I am sorry for your loss.

  4. At times, I don’t know whether to offer condolences or to join in rejoicing. I suspect your father was a man whose life is to be celebrated.

    Perhaps both are appropriate.

    Take care….

  5. rlhoover says:

    Thanks, Tracy. You have struck a good balance. The life offered to God does not end. The rejoicing continues.

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