What a view

Last week we took a trip out to Colorado to help celebrate our granddaughter’s fifth birthday and did we have a time of it.  Much better than last time.

Jan had a flight out of Kansas City to Denver to use so I joined her instead of driving.  Quicker without a doubt.

While crossing Kansas I found the view out the airplane window not much better than a view out of a car window.

We always stay at a hotel when in Colorado Springs for the sake of space and the fact that the children love to swim in the hotel pool.  In the parking lot was this SRAM neutral race support car.  The Springs is able to support a large cycling community so I was not too surprised to see something like this.

Maybe a salesman was working his region.

Thursday morning we all took out for Snow Mountain Ranch, a YMCA camp north of Winter Park.  The drive north through Denver and west on I-70 was good and the climb to Berthoud Pass was a first for me.  Someday, maybe we can come back and hike to the top of Colorado Mines Peak which is close by.

At over 11,000 feet, I guess my eyes were closed because I didn’t want to look down.

Driving in the mountains was a concern for me.  I worried about burning up the brakes and whatnot, but Sam told me to put the car in third gear on the way down.  We did not have a single problem.  Thanks, Sam!

We all stayed in a cabin for three nights and had activities like hiking, swimming, crafts, skating, ping pong and pool.  We did not have time for horseback riding, guided hikes, mountain biking (there are more trails in that area than I can shake a stick at) or hay rides.

A panorama from the deck of the cabin


We were reminded every once in a while that we were the intruders.

This fox looked well fed and trotted all over the place with an air of “I belong here, you don’t.”

I missed getting pictures of mule deer, but we saw grouse, magpies, and Stellar’s Jays.

Not too sure what this bird is.

Friday morning we drove west down county road #53 to a trail head and did a three mile round trip hike up to a waterfall.  This is the sort of action and Jan and I especially enjoy.

The lower section of the trail followed a stream that had been dammed in places by beavers.

The trail was wide and only challenging in a couple of places. Max enjoyed walking across these logs.

As I mentioned, we never saw any beavers, but we saw where they had been.

I might mention our grandchildren, Evie and Max, here.  The children did great even with the 450 foot climb and descent over the route. They were a couple of troopers.  I was thankful that Sam and Katie are raising them to take to the outdoors so easily.  They both loved be outside and were ‘ready to go’ on a moment’s notice.  When I was there age, I was not always so ready.  We are pleased to see a difference in this generation.

We were out to where all we could hear was overhead jets or maybe the passing conversation of other hikers.

I found what looked like spanish moss growing on the pines. It looked like a distant cousin of what we see in Florida.

The temperature had fallen about twenty degrees by the time we reached the falls where ice had formed on the edge.

On Sunday morning’s drive back to Colorado Springs, Berthoud Pass was sporting a good layer of fog, snow and a bit of slush on the highest part of the road.

Windy and cold, but the skies were pretty.

Jan saw a moose in the trees. But I was keeping my eye on the road and missed it.

Looking back on the road to Winter Park.

Back in the Springs on Monday, we took Max to Woodstone Park while Evie attended preschool.  For the whole time we were there we were able to watch the Air Force Academy’s biplanes tow gliders up and then let them go.  Fun

No sound until they got low enough we could hear the whoosh of the air over the wings.

The next day we took the children to Pinon Valley Park where the bathrooms were closed for the season….  Max needed them.  With luck he and I drove to a nearby Mormon church.  A group of gracious ladies were having a quilting class and they let us in.

Two Treasures

All good things come to an end and time waits for no one.  Soon we were heading back to Denver and the flight home.  Soon after walking back into our home we did laundry.

Stay happy,


About rlhoover

A perspective on life and cycling in the Ozarks. I started serious cycling in 2008, after seeing my wife be on the bike for a few years. We have biked many places and hope to continue. I am no where near being a real good cyclist, but I have fun trying to improve. Who am I kidding? Me? Improve??
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2 Responses to What a view

  1. Juanita Kern says:

    Hey, Ron…I had such neat fun living this trip with you. Thanks for sharing! I have a precious aunt and uncle who have lived in Pagosa Springs, CO for many years, and just today the son and daughter in law of my best friend have pulled up stakes here in the town ofOzark and are moving to Craig, CO where he has taken on a new job with the county. Seems like Colorado is a very popular place these days!

    Blessings to you and Jan…Juanita


  2. tootlepedal says:

    A good time was had by all, as they say.

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