One day after the next

I finally removed the lights from the front yard and from off of the bike.  My morning commute is now truly dark.  I paraphrase a comment from a character in The Chronicles of Narnia, “Always Winter, and never Christmas.”

January can be difficult.  Yet the days with its incremental change for sunrise and sunset give promise of warmth.  With temps well below freezing I need to remind myself that Spring will come.

On the way home.

On the way home.

Holiday break continues.  Drury University students are not back yet.  The streets are still clear.


Our fair city always has some sort of street repair going on.   In this case the construction was just a backdrop for the lovely sky I noticed when coming up to this intersection.

Blue sky has been absent for a while.

Blue sky has been absent for a while.

The air is nippy and my little fingers are starting to go numb, but these trees will have shoots on them one day and I probably not think of the cold when that happens.

Imagine green!

Imagine green!

On this light note I present Jan’s words of wisdom in January:

Exercise? Just do it! Pills? Just take ’em! Candy? Just eat it!!

Stay happy,



About rlhoover

A perspective on life and cycling in the Ozarks. I started serious cycling in 2008, after seeing my wife be on the bike for a few years. We have biked many places and hope to continue. I am no where near being a real good cyclist, but I have fun trying to improve. Who am I kidding? Me? Improve??
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6 Responses to One day after the next

  1. Steve A says:

    We’re now past the latest dawns of January. That means Spring is only a couple of months away…

  2. Bill Lambert says:

    I like Jan’s outlook. It is nice to see light in the sky a little earlier each day, isn’t it?

    • rlhoover says:

      I tell you, Bill, that Jan doesn’t mess around! I’m glad to see that faint blue light in the SE sky in the morning, also. I hope your long distance rides [notice I can’t spell that French word!] go well this year.

  3. tootlepedal says:

    Substitute cheese for candy and I’m with her.

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